Sweetest Day: Then and Now

As we transition from the lazy days of summer to the carefree autumn months, the earth changes before our very eyes. The landscapes become golden and the sound of rustling leaves fills the air. It is a time of great beauty and the perfect opportunity to spend quality time with loved ones close by or… Read more »

Effective Flowers for Home Décor

A lavish outdoor garden alive with rich blossoms can transform a tired piece of land into a gorgeous homestead. And snipping a few stunning stems and bringing them indoors can add refreshing color and light to any room. Truth be told, nothing inanimate quite compares to the living, breathing beauty of fresh flowers, so what… Read more »

A Mother’s Day Guide to Speaking the Language of Flowers

It probably won’t come as a surprise that clovers mean good luck and roses symbolize love, but did you know that a cactus means endurance and a sunflower signifies loyalty? During the Victorian era, The Language of Flowers was utilized to create a language for friends, family, and lovers to replace words. This Mother’s Day… Read more »

Ailing Houseplants

Identifying And Treating Pests of Flowering Plants Have you noticed lately that your houseplant has been starting to brown or is slow at producing new growth. This might be a sign that your flower bouquet is being attacked by pests. It is very common for what seems to be a healthy flower to fall victim… Read more »

Green Statues

Topiary Sculptures Large And Small Throughout the world there are gardens full of these giant green sculptures called topiaries. The art of growing and shaping plants into sculptures has been around since Julius Caesar and the Romans. Most homes during this time featured an atrium, or indoor garden, where these sculptures were grown and admired.… Read more »

Valentine’s Day Is Two Days Away!

It’s not too late to order flowers for Valentine’s Day. Calyx Flowers will be taking orders up until 2pm EST on Tuesday, February 13th. They offer a variety of floral bouquets and luxury gifts that are guaranteed to please any recipient and melt her heart. Whether you send her a bouquet of roses, or a… Read more »

Red Roses, Pink Roses, Yellow Roses: The Symbolism of Colors

For as long as there has been the tradition of giving flowers to loved ones, there has been a belief that certain colors of flowers symbolize different meanings. During the Victorian Era, flowers were sent to convey secret messages of desire and admiration. Although modern technologies, like cell phones and computers, provide alternate means of… Read more »

A Man’s Guide To Valentine’s Day

Although every day of the year should be used to express your love and appreciation to people who are important to you, Valentine’s Day is the one day when we are highly encouraged to express our love through thoughtful gifts of flowers and candy, and plenty of hugs and kisses. While women greatly appreciate the… Read more »


Orchids Most people are intimidated by the thought of owning and caring for an orchid because of their delicate and intricate appearance. Don’t be! Orchids are just like any other houseplant, all they need is water, light and a little TLC. About Orchids: Orchids are the largest group of flowering plants with around 30,000 species… Read more »

Combat Indoor Allergies

While we close up our homes to prepare for the cold winter months, we lock out fresh air, trapping in stale, polluted air. Rather than installing an expensive, and sometimes ineffective, air purifying system, simply place a few plants throughout your home. Plants produce oxygen, which is essential for humans and animals to survive. They… Read more »

Take Care Of The ‘Holidays Are Over’ Blahs

Now that the holidays are over and the clean-up has begun, your home is probably starting to feel a little stark. The christmas tree and festive decorations brightened the mood, but now that the decorations are back in the box and the tree has been taken down, the brightness and cheer has disappeared. Start new… Read more »

Christmas Flowers & Greens – After the Holidays, Now What?

Now that the holidays are over, here are a couple tips on what to do with those Christmas flowers and your Christmas tree, wreaths, garlands and other evergreen Christmas decorations. Five Things to Do with Your Christmas Tree, Wreaths and Garlands Sink it in a pond or stream. Submerged Christmas trees make great habitat for… Read more »

Valentine’s Flowers

Hanukkah and Christmas are now behind us. Thanks for reading and commenting on my recent posts about holiday flowers, crafts and decorating. I hope everyone enjoyed the very best and most relaxing holiday season. At Calyx Flowers we’ve assembled a nice collection of New Year’s flowers, plants, preserved floral arrangements and table centerpieces that make… Read more »

Orchid & Tropical Grow Lights

A reader recently told us about a line of grow lights designed especially for orchids. These Wonderlite orchid grow lights are wide spectrum bulbs designed for orchids and other tropical plants that tend to perform poorly in standard home or office environments. According to the manufacturer, its “spectral distribution” balances blue, red and far-red wavelengths… Read more »

Flower Food Recipes: How to Make Your own Cut Flower Food

Cut-flower bouquets bought from a flower delivery website or from your local florist will usually have powdered “flower food” to extend the life of your bouquet. But for wildflowers or flowers gathered from your garden, if you don’t have store-bought flower food on hand, you can make your own. Warning: I have NOT tested these… Read more »