Checking Out Colchester Causeway

Colchester Causeway provided a great outing for six of our employee/dedicated walkers last week. Our narrator/walk coordinator, Sharon gives a wonderful recap of their experience. Read on! The causeway juts 2.5 miles out into Lake Champlain, allowing for ample views of the Adirondacks, the Green Mountains, and several islands. It was hazy yet we could still see the outlines… Read more »

An Accidental Meeting with the Night Blooming Cereus

Happy Friday to all the Flower Lovers! I met up with four of my girlfriends who run this morning for a brisk 6 mile run at 5:45am. Yes, it’s early but the big advantage to me is avoiding as much heat and humidity as possible. However, today there was an even bigger advantage to getting… Read more »

Boston Terriers & Flowers

Hello Flower Lovers. Whenever I’m designing new bouquets for upcoming seasons I always get people passing by commenting on the flowers, their beauty and their color. It’s uplifting to say the least. Quite often you’ll find my Boston Terrier, Laila Jane lying down next to me as I work. She takes an avid interest it… Read more »

Welcome to the beautiful Shelburne Farms

As I talked about a few weeks back, many of the employees at Calyx Flowers’ sister company, The Vermont Teddy Bear Company have been participating in summer trail walks. Last week Sharon provided this recap on the historic Shelburne Farms. Enjoy! This week we walked along the Shelburne Farm trails and dirt roads for about… Read more »

Calyx Flowers & Social Media

Hello Social Media, Hello New Conversations – It’s time for Facebook and Twitter and The Flower Lover’s Blog to become part of our company’s core. It’s funny to reflect on the journey that has brought Calyx to the present year. Way back in 1988, the company was founded as the very first to ship flowers… Read more »

Monochromatic Mixtures

It’s no secret that our Calyx Flower Lovers love a bold monochromatic mixture of flowers so I couldn’t wait to tout our newest look – the Blue Hydrangea Bouquet. This is a dramatic combination of billowy blue hydrangeas paired with a similarly shaded blue crackle glass vase. I have no doubt its popularity will rise this… Read more »

Enjoying Vermont Outdoors

A group of employees have begun to take weekly walks at different locales around Shelburne, Vermont. I thought the recap given for last week’s walk was very special and full of flower lover insight. Read on… Our exploration for this week was nearby at Shelburne Bay Park. Given the large parking lot and the people… Read more »

Ready, Set, Grow!

One of my favorite finds for spring – showy amaryllis blooms. How exciting is it to watch the emergence of a tall green stem after seasons of sleep? Then there’s the anticipation of the growing bud and how many days until it opens in all its glory. In today’s hectic world its really nice to… Read more »

The Blossoming Home

Happy Spring! I can’t begin to tell you how truly happy I am now that both daylight savings time and Spring have arrived. Here in Florida I’ve experienced the coldest winter on record in nearly three decades! Now we get the chance to see Mother Nature awaken and bring about a season alive with flowers… Read more »

Natural Wellness

Ever wonder why we give plants as “Get Well” gifts? Sure they are beautiful but what if your recipient isn’t a flower lover? Here’s some interesting facts that may just change their mind and yours the next time you know someone isn’t feeling well. Plants are natural air purifiers. They take in carbon dioxide, release… Read more »

Sweetest Day: Then and Now

As we transition from the lazy days of summer to the carefree autumn months, the earth changes before our very eyes. The landscapes become golden and the sound of rustling leaves fills the air. It is a time of great beauty and the perfect opportunity to spend quality time with loved ones close by or… Read more »

Effective Flowers for Home Décor

A lavish outdoor garden alive with rich blossoms can transform a tired piece of land into a gorgeous homestead. And snipping a few stunning stems and bringing them indoors can add refreshing color and light to any room. Truth be told, nothing inanimate quite compares to the living, breathing beauty of fresh flowers, so what… Read more »

A Mother’s Day Guide to Speaking the Language of Flowers

It probably won’t come as a surprise that clovers mean good luck and roses symbolize love, but did you know that a cactus means endurance and a sunflower signifies loyalty? During the Victorian era, The Language of Flowers was utilized to create a language for friends, family, and lovers to replace words. This Mother’s Day… Read more »

Ailing Houseplants

Identifying And Treating Pests of Flowering Plants Have you noticed lately that your houseplant has been starting to brown or is slow at producing new growth. This might be a sign that your flower bouquet is being attacked by pests. It is very common for what seems to be a healthy flower to fall victim… Read more »

Green Statues

Topiary Sculptures Large And Small Throughout the world there are gardens full of these giant green sculptures called topiaries. The art of growing and shaping plants into sculptures has been around since Julius Caesar and the Romans. Most homes during this time featured an atrium, or indoor garden, where these sculptures were grown and admired.… Read more »