Natural Wellness

Petite Butterfly Campanula
Petite Butterfly Campanula

Ever wonder why we give plants as “Get Well” gifts? Sure they are beautiful but what if your recipient isn’t a flower lover? Here’s some interesting facts that may just change their mind and yours the next time you know someone isn’t feeling well.

  1. Plants are natural air purifiers. They take in carbon dioxide, release oxygen and clean the air of many harmful pollutants.
  2. Studies compiled by the Flowers & Plants Association show that, “when living plants are present indoors, anxiety levels are lowered and people recover from mental tiredness faster.”
  3. These studies also revealed that “indoor plants can reduce fatigue, coughs, sore throats, and other cold related illnesses by more than 30%.”
  4. Plants act as natural insulators, helping to lessen noise, particularly in large, open rooms.
  5. My favorite – there’s no denying that plants lend their color and charm to any room effortlessly, creating a warm and welcoming environment.