Our Commitment to You

We know how important your Calyx Flowers gift is, Calyx Flowers has been delivering the finest floral gifts to happy customers since 1988. We take great pride in offering attentive service and the most extraordinary designs.  As our images represent the best Mother Nature has to offer, there will be natural variations to our bouquets and plants. Nothing is ever identical in the world of flowers and plants which makes your order unique and special.  You may also search online for Bouquet Care and Plant Care tips for the specific gifts you have in mind.

CustomerService@CalyxFlowers.com.  FASTEST response- Experts stand by to research your e-mail questions.  Please, attach two or more photos they are “worth a 1000 words” to help quickly and effectively with any question.  We are here for assistance with the gift you received or personal purchases inquiries.  We respond within a day to all e-mails.  Please contact Calyx Flowers team within 24 hours of receiving your order at: customerservice@calyxflowers.com.  Include the name of buyer along and the order number if available. This is essential information.  Please, review Bouquet Care and Plant Care tips to assist with questions right away.

For Orders 24 hours a day on the line- the easiest and fastest way to order:  https://www.calyxflowers.com


Calyx Flowers ORDER Phone line- 800-800-7788-  24-hours a day beginning April 23.

This is an order number, our representatives will help as much as possible with your questions.  For more detailed advice e-mail Calyx Flowers at customerservice@calyxflowers.com  


Flower Care

Over the years, we’ve discovered that although all flowers need water, some need a little more attention. Some flowers will arrive in bud and open over time. Some will arrive just a bit thirsty, and will need to rehydrate for a few hours. Many varieties arrive picture perfect with a range of color variation and size. For flowers, please cut the stems to fit appropriately in your vase. This is a very important step to ensure your flowers maintain their brightest blooms. Please ensure the recipient is available to receive your wonderful gift. The items are lovely and need to be opened and watered immediately. We enclose complete care instructions with all our gifts. You may also search online for Bouquet Care and Plant Care tips for the specific gifts you have in mind.


Upon purchasing from Calyx Flowers, if a particular flower, plant or color choice is not suitable for shipping, we will send a fresh selection of equal or greater value.