Colorful Flowers help beat Cold Weather Blues

Flowers and good health seem one in the same. Just think…when our family and friend are feeling ill or are in need of recuperation, many a time we have chosen to send flowers. You may have never thought twice about the benefits of a bouquet but recent research has scientists touting that exposure to flowers actually boosts… Read more »

Happy Valentine’s Day

Happy Valentine’s Day to all the Flower Lovers from everyone at Calyx Flowers. Each Valentine’s Day holiday season is an exhilarating rush as we take our floral designs to an all new level and then strive to find the perfect flowers to fill all the orders. For us, today is a time to kick back and… Read more »

Stand Out Valentine Orchids & More

Here at Calyx Flowers we’re always looking to make our gifts be more than expected. We want the recipient to be stunned by the sheer beauty of our flower arrangements and then see that “But Wait…there’s more!” when they open the box. This year we gave our Valentine’s Day Orchids an added something extra by… Read more »

The Very Best Chocolates for Valentine’s Day

Do you know someone who is a flower lover and has a major sweet tooth? Calyx Flowers has the answer in chocolate and of course, flowers. We’re proud to offer this Valentine’s Day gourmet truffles by a superb American chocolatier – Mary Ann’s Chocolates. Based in East Grand Rapids, Michigan, this family business has been… Read more »

5 Fantastic Flowers Men Should Send at Valentine’s Day

Calyx Flowers decided to make it simple for the men this Valentine’s Day. We put together a short list of fantastic flowers they could send to their special someone for this year’s Valentine’s Day holiday. So read through our list and get busy ordering! Don’t wait until the last minute…again. Roses  – Tried and true,… Read more »