Red Roses, Pink Roses, Yellow Roses: The Symbolism of Colors

For as long as there has been the tradition of giving flowers to loved ones, there has been a belief that certain colors of flowers symbolize different meanings. During the Victorian Era, flowers were sent to convey secret messages of desire and admiration. Although modern technologies, like cell phones and computers, provide alternate means of… Read more »

A Man’s Guide To Valentine’s Day

Although every day of the year should be used to express your love and appreciation to people who are important to you, Valentine’s Day is the one day when we are highly encouraged to express our love through thoughtful gifts of flowers and candy, and plenty of hugs and kisses. While women greatly appreciate the… Read more »

Combat Indoor Allergies

While we close up our homes to prepare for the cold winter months, we lock out fresh air, trapping in stale, polluted air. Rather than installing an expensive, and sometimes ineffective, air purifying system, simply place a few plants throughout your home. Plants produce oxygen, which is essential for humans and animals to survive. They… Read more »

Take Care Of The ‘Holidays Are Over’ Blahs

Now that the holidays are over and the clean-up has begun, your home is probably starting to feel a little stark. The christmas tree and festive decorations brightened the mood, but now that the decorations are back in the box and the tree has been taken down, the brightness and cheer has disappeared. Start new… Read more »