Red Roses, Pink Roses, Yellow Roses: The Symbolism of Colors

For as long as there has been the tradition of giving flowers to loved ones, there has been a belief that certain colors of flowers symbolize different meanings. During the Victorian Era, flowers were sent to convey secret messages of desire and admiration. Although modern technologies, like cell phones and computers, provide alternate means of expressing our feelings, sending flowers is still a practiced custom in expressing our emotions. An unexpected phone message saying “I love you,” is appreciated and will put a smile on her face, but a beautiful bouquet of roses will warm her heart for days.

So, before you order your flowers for Valentine’s Day, be sure that the roses you are sending are conveying the appropriate message:

Red: Love, passion, romance.
Dark Pink: Admiration, gratitude.
Light Pink: Admiration, sympathy, gentleness.
Burgundy: Unconscious beauty.
Lavender: Love at first sight, enchantment.
Orange: Desire, Passion.
Yellow: Joy, friendship, congratulations.
White: Unity, new love, innocence, honor.

While color should be taken into consideration when sending Valentine’s Day flowers, you should also consider the symbolism associated with the number of stems in the bouquet.

  • A single rose says “I love you” and “You are the one.”
  • Two roses symbolize mutual love.
  • Three roses symbolize unity and a new relationship or marriage.
  • Six roses say “I want to be yours.”
  • One dozen roses say “Be mine, and only mine.”
  • Thirteen roses symbolize a secret admiration.
  • Fifteen roses ask for forgiveness.
  • Two dozen roses say “I can’t stop thinking about you.”
  • Three dozen roses symbolize your romance towards each other.
  • Fifty roses profess your undying love.
  • One hundred roses symbolize your everlasting relationship.
  • One-hundred-one roses say “Please marry me!”

Fresh Tips: Flower Care & Flower Ordering Tips by Brittany, Calyx Luxury Flowers