Colorful Flowers help beat Cold Weather Blues

Flowers and good health seem one in the same. Just think…when our family and friend are feeling ill or are in need of recuperation, many a time we have chosen to send flowers. You may have never thought twice about the benefits of a bouquet but recent research has scientists touting that exposure to flowers actually boosts… Read more »

Black Friday!

Avoid the crowded shopping lines & still receive an amazing free gift at on Black Friday. Bring on the holiday season! We’re ready to get blooming at Calyx Flowers with an exhilarating array of new Christmas designs, Hanukkah flowers and festive holiday plants. That means easy gift-giving for everyone on your list whether it be family,… Read more »

Countdown to Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is nearly a week away and we’re starting to make a list of things we are so grateful for that make our lives unique and exciting. Everyone has something that they are thankful for, be it friends, family, health, fortune, or turkey. Our list is long and on the top of it is Mother… Read more »

Flowers in High Fashion

Here at Calyx Flowers, we’re not the only ones who are constantly inspired by flora and fauna – we often see beautiful blooms gracing the pages of high fashion magazines, like Harper’s Bazaar. The dresses shown below are features from HB, created by talented Italian designer, Giambattista Valli, and we couldn’t be more pleased to see flowers… Read more »

The Trick to Halloween Flowers

Halloween isn’t just a time for candy, fright, and costumes. It’s also a time for unique and exciting arrangements to adorn the ins and outs of your home. Our new orange and purple Trick-or-Treat Wreath is a preserved delight filled with maple leaves, statice, and black phalaris that will welcome trick-or-treaters and turn your neighbors witch-green with envy. Or a… Read more »

What makes Fall special to you?

Whether it’s the crunch of newly fallen leaves beneath your feet or the smell of apple cider in the air, autumn’s unique qualities tend to elicit all sorts of sentiments from us. It’s the seasons changing, another year passed, and more things to be thankful for. Fall certainly is beautiful in more way than one, but the… Read more »

Love This Candle!

So you’re sending the gift of flowers or a blooming plant to that special someone. Light up their day a tad bit more with the luxurious Love candle tin we’re featuring in our summer catalog. The fresh scent is a luxurious blend of currant and cassis from Fringe Studio. The dainty tin not only shares your… Read more »

Edible Flowers For the Sweet Tooth

Edible flowers? But of course… I recently stumbled upon these floral gems at quaint candy store appropriately named, The Sugar Shack. Gummy Flowers are as delightful as a bouquet of real flowers for those of us who indulge our sweet tooth. They come in six fruity flavors: grape, blue raspberry, mango, cherry, orange and strawberry.… Read more »

Gorgeous Flowers from St. Kitts

Just had to share with our Flower Lovers! One of our fabulous graphic designers, Ned, traveled to St. Kitts and shared his beautiful photography of tropical flowers with us. We were mezmerized by the exotic beauty of these flowers. Their colors and shapes pop amidst the lush green foliage that surrounds them. You almost feel like… Read more »

A Successful IFE Show

Each year as our designer I attend the IFE Show in Miami Beach, Florida. IFE stands for the International Floricultural Expo where growers of fresh cuts and plants exhibit their beatiful flower varieties as well as different vendors that offer products and services to complement the floral industry. An education seminar is offered and I… Read more »

Fun Facts about Blooming Hydrangeas

Thought it would be great to share some fun facts about hydrangeas as so many of these wonderful plants are in bloom. Read on and be sure to share if you have any facts or tips on hydrangeas. The scientific name is from the Greek words “hydro” (water) and “aggos” (a jar) and refers to… Read more »