Take Care Of The ‘Holidays Are Over’ Blahs

Now that the holidays are over and the clean-up has begun, your home is probably starting to feel a little stark. The christmas tree and festive decorations brightened the mood, but now that the decorations are back in the box and the tree has been taken down, the brightness and cheer has disappeared. Start new this year and brighten your home with some fresh colors and scents from Calyx & Corolla. Whether you made a resolution to be healthier, stay organized, or maintain your happiness, Calyx & Corolla always has the gift that fits the occasion (or in this case, the resolution).

Resolution One

If last year left you feeling pudgy and sluggish, then you probably made a resolution to eat healthier and integrate more exercise into your daily routine. Sometimes all it takes to be more healthy is cooking fresh meals, rather than ordering take out or popping a frozen, pre-packaged meal in the microwave. Start with something simple, like baking some fresh salmon, known for its high protein and low fat levels and its high Omega-3 fatty acids content, with some balsamic dressing and a few sprigs of rosemary, hand picked fresh from your very own plant.


Resolution Two

Cleaning out? Did you make a resolution to get more organized and stay on top of your cleaning this year? Waking up to, and coming home to a clean and organized home instantly brightens your mood and makes you feel a little more at ease when things begin to feel out of control. Start by cleaning out your closet. Donate any unworn or old clothes and shoes to your local Salvation Army. Start and finish all laundry and neatly hang and fold all your clothes. Tidy up any unnecessary clutter and don’t be afraid to throw things out. In order to keep things smelling fresh, hang these lovely lavender pomanders in your newly organized closet.


Resolution Three

If you made a resolution to find happiness and romance in the new year, you can begin by embracing the happiness you already have. Start by sending your loved ones an elegant bouquet. If you have trouble finding the right bouquet, a collection of winter white orchids is both elegant and versatile, and appropriate for any recipient. While you’re ordering flowers for your loved ones, don’t forget to treat yourself. A bright bouquet of blue hydrangeas will brighten your mood and entice your senses.


Holiday Cleanup Tips:

  1. Label, label, label. The holidays always seem to sneak up on us and we never feel prepared. Relieve some of the holiday stress by taking the time now to label and put things in their proper place. Recycled egg cartons are great for storing Christmas ornaments. Check out your local department store for other storage options.
  2. When you take down your christmas lights, don’t just throw them in a box in a tangled mess, gently wrap them around an empty paper towel roll or a flat piece of cardboard. This will make it much easier to string the lights next year and will help to protect your lights from damage to the bulbs and wiring.
  3. Removing your christmas tree is made a lot easier by wrapping the tree in the original plastic tree bag, or an old sheet, stand and all and then carrying outside. If the tree is too large or heavy to carry outside, you can cut off some of the branches. The smaller branches can then be used as mulch in your garden. Once the tree has been removed from your home, sweep up as many needles as you can before vacuuming. The needles can damage your vacuum cleaner.

Fresh Tips: Flower Care & Flower Ordering Tips by Brittany, Calyx Luxury Flowers