Vintage Christmas Azalea


A radiant plant showing off a bevy of bright red blossoms is the ideal gift to send to celebrate the holidays or any winter occasion. The Prize azalea is a favorite variety for us — the spirited plant arriving with dozens of buds ready to pop into pretty red petals. The long-lasting azalea looks holiday perfect in our white ridged ceramic cachepot.

  • Plant height: 12″-14″
  • Cachepot: ceramic; 7″ high
  • Also available in our woven wicker basket

Place your plant in an area that receives filtered sunlight. It should arrive in bud and some bloom, water generously daily while in bud and bloom. Be sure to allow for proper drainage. Some humidity is desirable and can be obtained by an occasional misting. Remove spent blossoms and yellowing leaves. Prune the plant occasionally to maintain a good shape. You may wish to feed lightly from April through July with an acid-type plant food at half the recommended strength.



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