With Love Peonies


Shipped in bud & bloom for protection of the peony. Makes for a spectacular show as each bud unfurls

This amazing bouquet will surprise and delight Mom! The rich colors and fresh scents of our distinctive peonies will make Mother’s Day unforgettable.  Featured in a silver crackle translucent glass vase.

Options available to order:

  • Translucent Glass vase, 9” high with bouquet
  • Translucent Glass vase with spa white tea & fig fragrance soy candle with bouquet
  • A clear glass vase with a bouquet
  • The bouquet

Peonies- Ariive in bud/ bloom. The outer layer is guard petals. This layer does have an odd dark color, it usually folds under once bloomed. You may need to trim this area after it blooms.  Peonies must have the flower head supported by the vase. Flowers should be cut to be supported by a vase edge. We recommend trimming the stems to be 1.5”- 2” above the vase.  Cut at a 45-degree angle. Give your flowers fresh water and refresh them every 1-2 days.  Display as you please starting with the greens/foliage first if your bouquet contains them and do not allow any foliage to be underwater.  Remember, it is your masterpiece, have fun!



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