With Love Peonies


Debut Design – Be among the select few to share in this premiere design.

Shipped in bud & bloom in many shades from white to bring pink to enjoy, each peony promises a spectacular show as it unfurls. 

This pretty pick pleases all generations. The leafy greens balances the bouquet’s vintage appeal with a splash of modern beauty. Shipped in blooms & tight buds, each peony promises a spectacular show as it unfurls. Featured in a white glass vase.

  • Stem length: 12″ – 14″
  • Vase: glass, 7 1/4” high
  • Stem count: 8 stems & foliage
  • Fragrant
  • Also available in our signature glass vase

PLEASE CUT ALL STEMS TO FIT YOUR VASE.  Arrive in Buds / Blooms of Flower should only be 1 or 2 inches above vase opening. Add the greens next to each bud and bloom. Remove all foliage that will fall below the water line. We recommend cutting stems diagonally under water for best blooming results. Some peonies may look a bit tired upon arrival. Don’t despair! They’re healthy – just thirsty. They will rehydrate within 24 hours.  Remove any damaged petals. To encourage the peonies to open faster you may recut the stems and place the peonies in direct sunlight to encourage blooming if needed.  Always add fresh water daily.


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