Tabletop Daisy Mum Plant


We liken each dainty blossom atop our pretty tabletop daisy plant to a miniature sun, their gorgeous yellow and red hues and silky petals resembling bright rays. Wonderful at warming heart and home for any autumn occasion, the plant arrives a grower’s pot nestled in our dark brown metal cachepot.

  • Plant height:  12″ – 14″
  • Cachepot:  metal, 6″ high
  • Also available in our woven basket
  • May we suggest adding our popular Simmered Cider candle tin for a seasonal fragrance – ships FREE with plant in cachepot

Your plant needs bright light to bloom indoors but please avoid full, direct sun. Water when the soil is dry to the touch. Please do not allow the plant to stand in water. Remember, if you’re planning a party, plants make stunning decorations for a buffet table.


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