Tropical Bromeliad Garden


Unique and colorful, bromeliad plants bring a bit of tropical beauty into any home. They make wonderful house plants as they adapt well to a variety of environments, blooming with big flowers drenched in fiery colors. Our tropical garden features three separate plants, each producing a different shade and shape of flower, and the trio looks right at home in our shapely metal gold swirl cachepot.

  • Plant height: 12″ – 14″
  • Cachepot: ceramic; 7″ high

Place your plant in an area of low, indirect sunlight. To water, put a half-cup of water in the center of the bromeliad known as the “cup.” Next, water the soil with another half-cup of water. Good drainage is essential and will help to prevent root rot. Avoid excessively hot or cold areas however it is tolerant to higher temperature conditions. Your plant will enjoy an occasional misting too.


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