Orchid Myths, Debunked

OrchidWith our previous blog post, we gave some suggestions for plants to keep in the office when the beautiful summer days are behind us. Plants such as bonsai and other greenery are great options, but another striking option is the beautiful orchid plant. While there is the myth that orchids are notoriously difficult to care for, they are not much more work than the average houseplant.

After selecting the orchid plant (and pot!) that best fits your space, orchids should be kept in a dry area with sunlight and good air circulation while being checked daily to keep the plant watered and properly drained. Many also choose a special soil for their orchid plants to establish healthy roots once they have chosen a plant.

Another prevalent myth about orchids is using ice to water a potted orchid plant. In fact, this is so popular, one orchid carrier even offers online reminders to ice your orchids on schedule! However, this myth has also been debunked; one of the most common reasons for using this method is to avoid over-watering and allow the orchid to absorb cool water to trigger blooming. Though it’s true that orchids need to be watered evenly, an ice cube won’t necessarily facilitate this. And trying to trigger blooming with cold water or other methods could cause an orchid to become stressed and perish. So, what should a new orchid owner do?

As stated in our Plant Care guide, staying vigilant and checking your plant daily is very important. This does not mean that orchids should be watered every day. In fact, over-watering tends to be more common than under watering. Orchids need to breathe, so when in doubt use caution when watering, evenly moistening the plant about once a week with lukewarm water to allow the plant to drain.

And lastly, have no fear! Enjoy your orchid plant or send one as an exquisite gift. If a plant still seems like too much work, order a few blooms in a bouquet to enjoy the fleeting moment of exotic beauty.