Tiger Bromeliad Plant


Our vibrant Tiger Bromeliad Plant brings shades of colors that showcase the outdoors with a fresh spirng look. Welcome the beginning of each day with this exotic beauty. Fantastic for graduation, male gifting, housewarming or any occasion.

  • Plant height: 14” – 16”
  • Cachepot: metal, 6 ½” high
  • Also available in our woven wicker basket

Bromeliads collect & absorb water in their urns. Their roots are primarily for anchoring. You want to keep the urn about 1/8 full. Overwatering will tend to rot the centers. Let the urn go dry for 2-7 days before I refill with a little water.
Like other houseplants, back off a bit on the watering in those cooler, darker winter months.


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