Prism Kaleidoscope Orchid Plant


Radiating warmth and charm and reflecting stylish design, this gorgeous orchid plant makes an impressive gift for any reason or occasion. The variety, aptly named “kaleidoscope,” mesmerizes with its striped petals that almost appear to move as they’re viewed from different angles. Beautifully tucked into our grey ceramic cachepot, the orchid stands tall with the help of our stylish silver plant pin.

  • Plant height: 15″-17″
  • Cachepot: ceramic; 3/4″ high
  • Add our plant pin for stylish support
  • Please note: Delivery to Arizona is not available.

Place the orchid where it will receive moderate light. This orchid does not like direct sunlight. It will do best with temperatures between 65 to 75 degrees. Keep orchid evenly moist, the roots should never be dry. Water once or twice a week, but be sure that the roots are not soggy. Take orchid out of basket or cachepot to water and drain. These plants like humidity between 40 – 50%. Misting will help increase humidity. Fertilize once a month with a balanced orchid food at ½ strength.


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