Candy Cane Bouquet


Debut Design – Be among the select few to share in this premiere design.

For the first two hundred years, candy canes were made only in white. Lucky for us, future makers of this Christmastime confection went a bit bolder with their recipes with the addition of red. Mixed with bright candy cane colors, this bouquet creates the most tasteful depiction of “eye candy” we’ve ever seen all tucked in our globe red glass vase.

  • Stem count: 17
  • Vase: glass; 5″ high
  • Bouquet in vase: approximately 9″ high

CUT ALL STEMS TO FIT YOUR VASE. SOME STEMS REQUIRE MORE TRIMMING THAN OTHERS. Fill vase ¾ full with warm water and add Calyx floral preservative. Remove the hydration system from the stems, the foam is a bio-degradable material and can be discarded safely.  Trim ½” from the bottom of bouquet while holding stems under water, and place immediately in vase. Keep your arrangement away from drafts, direct sunlight and excessive heat or cold. Change water and re-cut the stems every 2-3 days.