Blue Hydrangea Plant


Amazing! Blue with hues of purple hydrangeas possess the casual grace and enduring beauty that makes them a favorite for sending well wishes. Magnificent, saturated blooms bursting with hundreds of lacy, star-shaped blossoms are framed in pristine foliage. To complement the blue of the hydrangea we offer it in the metal cachepot adorned with a spring butterfly.

  • Plant height: 16” – 18”
  • Cachepot: metal; 6” high
  • Also available in our wicker basket

Place the plant in a cool spot where it will receive indirect sunlight. Place the hydrangea in a shallow vessel so that it can absorb water continuously from the bottom as hydrangeas are a very thirsty plant. Keep the soil moist at all times. You may wish to feed your hydrangea with a balanced food for flowering plants. Discontinue feeding while plant is in bloom. After flowering, the hydrangea may be planted outside in the garden, or in a container, in a semi-shaded area.


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