Blush Pink Rozalea Plant


Note: Substitute shades of pink will be chosen for the BEST quality.

As delicate looking as a rose bush, but as hearty as an azalea, rozaleas are the perfect plant to send to those who love dainty but don’t do well with anything finicky. Full and showy our Rozalea plant arrives in bud-and-bloom for maximum enjoyment. To complement its blush pink blooms, we’re featuring it in a ceramic cachepot with with a decorative stand  ( the stand is optional) 

  • Total height: 12”-14” including the White metal cachepot; 6” high
  • Also available in our woven wicker basket

Place your plant in an area that receives filtered sunlight. It should arrive in bud and some bloom, water generously daily while in bud and bloom. Be sure to allow for proper drainage. Some humidity is desirable and can be obtained by an occasional misting. Remove spent blossoms and yellowing leaves. This is a one-time blooming indoor plant.

If this arrived with a ceramic cachepot the decorative stand is optional. Please put together the stand by placing one notched gove in the other notched grove – it is the shape of an  “X”.   Any questions see the website for the picture of the vase. 


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