Blue Rhapsody Hydrangea


Debut Design – Be one of the select few to share in this premiere design.

Carefree, cheerful, and bouncy, our hydrangea plant is indeed a blithe beauty that tickles fancies with its big, vivid blue blooms. Countless little blooms combine to form pompom flowers that tout their azure tune atop pristine green leaves. The ensemble is completed by our striped cachepot. We think they’re even more striking in pairs.

  • Plant height: 10″ – 12″
  • Cachepot: ceramic, 5 ½” high

Hydrangeas are very thirsty plants and need to be watered daily as they wilt when dry. Place the plant in a cool spot where it will receive indirect sunlight. Keep the soil moist at all times. Allow for proper drainage. You may wish to feed your hydrangea with a balanced food for flowering plants. Discontinue feeding while plant is in bloom. After flowering, the hydrangea may be planted outside in the garden, or in a container, in a semi-shaded area.