White Hydrangeas


With hundreds of tiny blossoms giving the illusion of one magnificent bloom, it’s no mystery why the hydrangea is a favorite among flower lovers everywhere. Hydrangeas are wonderful to use in centerpiece creations and work well to hold other flowers in place making do-it-yourself arrangements so easy.

Your white hydrangeas are picked at just the right moment, custom-packaged, and air-shipped that same day to arrive in all their glory direct from the grower, ensuring you hydrangeas that are the most exquisite and longest lasting you’ll find anywhere.

Special Meaning Anniversary Flowers: Each wedding anniversary has a designated flower. The Hydrangea is the traditional 4th Anniversary flower.

  • Available in bunches of 16 or 32
  • Stem length: 18″ – 22″
  • Hydrangea color may vary from white to a creamy white. Some hydrangeas may appear to be two-tone in color with hints of green.
  • No fragrance
  • Thursday or Friday delivery is recommended for Saturday events
  • There is an oversize shipping fee for this product
  • A 3 – 5 day lead time might be necessary to place this order

Get Ready
Prepare your flower containers by cleaning them with mild soap and a drop of bleach or by using disinfecting wipes. This will clean any residues and kill bacteria that might shorten the life of the hydrangea. Glass and plastic are the best materials to contain flowers. We do not recommend placing hydrangeas directly into containers that are metal, rusted, or made of clay or stone. These materials are porous and may contain harmful elements to your flowers. Fill containers with cool water.

Working with your Flowers
Hydrangeas benefit from extra special care upon their arrival. Remove all foliage that will fall below the water line. Allowing them to decompose in water will allow harmful bacteria to shorten the life of the flowers. We recommend trimming the flowers first by taking about ½” from the bottom of each stem by making a diagonal cut. Next, dip the ends of the stems (about 1”) in hot water and then place in your prepared flower container which should be filled with deep, cool water. You may want to gently place cold, wet cloths over the top of the blossoms which will assist in hydrating the flower and helping to harden its blossoms. Keep cloths on for no more than four hours.

Watch the Water
Always add fresh water daily. Change water at least every couple of days. Cloudy or discolored water can indicate decomposition and bacterial growth.

Storage & More
The temperature in which you store your flowers is very important. Warmer temps will cause the flower to open quicker. Flowers last best in temperatures around 45 degrees. Keep flowers out of direct light in a place with good air circulation. Cigarette smoking is harmful to flowers. Remove any discolored hydrangea blossoms. Keep the hydrangeas in an area with less light so they will last longer. Do not store in the refrigerator. If you prefer to arrange hydrangeas in a tight cluster, simply clasp the bouquet in your hand in the desired position and secure with a rubber band tucked upwards toward the blooms.


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