Pink or Blue Hanging Hydrangea Plant

Our Largest hydrangea plant! The blooms displaying vivid blues.  An azure tune atop pristine green leaves.  Arrives in a hanging cachepot! Remove the hanging mechanisms to also display on a table top, front steps, or patio.

  • Plant height: 16”- 20”
  • Cachepot:  5 ½” high

Hydrangeas are very thirsty plants and need to be watered daily as they wilt when dry. Place the plant in a cool spot where it will receive indirect sunlight. Keep the soil moist at all times. Allow for proper drainage. You may wish to feed your hydrangea with a balanced food for flowering plants. Discontinue feeding while plant is in bloom. After flowering, the hydrangea may be planted outside in the garden, or in a container, in a semi-shaded area.

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