Amber Glow Wreath


SKU: 4C0D00286

When the bright yellow, orange, and red of turning leaves give way to hushed amber, gold, and brown, we have a whole new reason to be appreciative of this season’s very special color palette. Simply magnificent in its monochromatic way, this plentiful gathering of maple leaves, dried brown flax, pinecones, and faux acorns summons memories of crisp autumn walks through the woods and will look right at home on any door, wall, or mantle.

To remove, simply snip wires from the back of the box and lift the item gently. Our preserved designs are originally produced with extra elements so slight shedding during transit is normal. The colors will soften naturally over time. The designs are best maintained when displayed indoors, away from direct sunlight, strong heat sources, and extreme moisture. Please note: outdoor display is not recommended.

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