Tree Fern – Asparagus virgatus

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Tree Fern – Asparagus virgatus

Common Name: Tree Fern

Botanical Name: Asparagus virgatus, as-PAIR-a-gus ver-GAY-tus

Family Roots:
  • Member of the Liliaceae (lily) family. Native to South Africa. Not a true fern. The fruit-like structures that sometimes are present are just that, fruit. Relatives include daylily, hyacinth, tulip, lily-of-the-valley, poker-flower, lily.
  • Plant is a herbaceous perennial with rhizomes and fiberous roots.
  • Stems erect with much branching.
  • This species is bushier than plumosus.
  • Because of its delicate foliage, it is often used in bud vases and in corsages and boutonnieres.
  • It is eay to work with because it has no spines.
  • The specific epithet name virgatus means twiggy.