Swedish Ivy – Plectranthus spp.

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Swedish Ivy – Plectranthus spp.

Common Name: Swedish Ivy, Swedish Begonia, Prostrate Coleus, Spur Flower

Botanical Name: Plectranthus spp., plek-TRAN-thus

Decorative Life: Many months but seldom for years under typical interior environments.

Flower Color:


Harvest Instructions:

Slightly sensitive to chlorinated water as chlorine levels above about 40 ppm can cause damage.

Storage Specifics:

Chill sensitive, hold at 55F or higher.

  • From the Greek “plectron” meaning spur and “anthos” for flower. The corolla (petals) often have a basal spur.
Recent Research Findings:

In an earlier (1978) study, Harbaugh et al. showed that this species could be sealed in a polyethylene package and still be marketable when held at room temperature after 60 days.