Statice – Limonium sinuatum

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Statice – Limonium sinuatum

Common Name: Statice, Annual Statice, Limonium

Botanical Name: Limonium sinuatum, li-MON-ee-um sin-yew-AH-tum

Decorative Life: From 4-8 days, up to 14 days.

Flower Color: , , , ,


Harvest Instructions:

Harvest when approximately 50-70% of the flowers are open (showing color).

Storage Specifics:

36-38 F (3 days or less), 32-34 F (more than 3 days).

  • Scientific name is from the Greek word “leimon” (a meadow), referring to the plant’s original habitat. The specific epithet name sinuatum means wavy-margined, in reference to the stem shape.
  • Statice is an ideal addition to fresh and dried arrangements. Native of the coastal and desert environments of the Mediterranean, central Asia and the Canary Islands, the durable Statice flower “clusters” can be dried by cutting the stems and hanging them upside down in a cool, airy place.
Recent Research Findings:

While not the same species, Reid and Evans (1994) and Doi and Reid (1995) showed that vaselife of ‘Fantasia’ tripled in a flower food compared to water.