Smilax – Asparagus asparagoides

Smilax – Asparagus asparagoides

Common Name: Smilax, Greenbriar

Botanical Name: Asparagus asparagoides, as-PAIR-a-gus as-pair-a-GOY-deez

Decorative Life: About 7-10 days.


Harvest Instructions:

Treat with a spray or dip designed and proven to reduce water loss and/or extend life. Misting with water may also be helpful.

Storage Specifics:

Store at 36-41 F with stem ends in water, or soak stems in water lying flat on plastic.

  • Stems are often wired together for strength, popular in wedding work.
  • For those Chain of Life Network Members wanting more detailed information about the florists’ greens industry, it is highly recommended that Robert Stamps’ article entitled Florists’ Botanicals (2001) be read.

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