White Pine – Pinus (strobus, resinosa and sylvestris)

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White Pine – Pinus (strobus, resinosa and sylvestris)

Common Name: Pine (white, red and scots, respectively)

Botanical Name: Pinus (strobus, resinosa and sylvestris), PY-nus

Decorative Life: About two weeks.


Storage Specifics:

Store at 32-36F. If stored dry, wrap in plastic after they are cold to reduce water loss.

  • Care should be taken if candles are used in arrangements, as pines tend to dry out rapidly and thereby become a potential fire hazard.
  • Prior to the development of long-lasting poinsettia cultivars in the 1960s, pine boughs (branches) were commonly placed at the base of poinsettia plants as filler, replacing the leaves that had already fallen off prior to sale.