Obedient Plant – Physostegia spp. (most likely P. virginiana)

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Obedient Plant – Physostegia spp. (most likely P. virginiana)

Common Name: False Dragon Head, Obedient Plant

Botanical Name: Physostegia spp. (most likely P. virginiana), fi-so-STE-ji-a

Decorative Life: From about 7-14 days.

Flower Color: , , ,


Storage Specifics:

Most likely in the mid to low 30s but specific data lacking.

  • From the Greek “physa”, a bladder, and “stege”, a covering.
  • The somewhat popular common name “Obedient Plant” arises because the flowers remain put if re-positioned.
  • Because of its spreading habit, can become a weed in garden settings.
Recent Research Findings:

Kelly and Starman (1990) showed that after one week of dry storage at 32F, flower vaselife was 8 days, down from 14 days with no storage. These findings assume that the flowers were STS treated and flower food is used.