Nerve Plant – Fittonia verschaffeltii

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Nerve Plant – Fittonia verschaffeltii

Common Name: Mosaic Plant, Nerve Plant

Botanical Name: Fittonia verschaffeltii, fi-TOE-ni-a ver-shaf-FEL-tie

Decorative Life: Many months to years, depending on environment.


Storage Specifics:

Chill sensitive, store at or above 60F or higher as even storage at 55F for a few days can result in damage.

  • Named for Elizabeth and Sarah Fitton, authors of “Conversations on Botany” in 1823.
Recent Research Findings:

McConnell et al. (1982) showed that the Silver Nerve Plant (F. verschaffeltii var. argyroneura) is very chill sensitive when exposed to low (35-46F) temperatures for only a few hours. Chill injury symptoms were wilting and the subsequent development of dead areas on leaves.