Montbretia – Crocosmia X crocosmiiflora

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Montbretia – Crocosmia X crocosmiiflora

Common Name: Montbretia, Crocosmia

Botanical Name: Crocosmia X crocosmiiflora, crow-COZ-mee-a

Decorative Life: Approximately 7-14 days.

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Family Roots:
  • Member of the Iridaceae (iris) family.
  • This species is an interspecific hybrid and was originally from tropical Africa.
  • Common relatives include iris, freesia and gladiolus.
  • Flowers funnel-shaped, 2 inches long, in two-ranked groups at stem ends.
  • Stems leafless, branched, 3-4 feet long.
  • Plant is a perennial from corms, classed as a monocotyledon, leaves mostly parallel veined.
  • The “X” in the name means that it is a cross of different species. Specifically, this is a common hybrid between C. pottsii and C. aurea, blooming first in 1880 in France.
  • Name is from the Greek for saffron smell created when dried flowers are placed in water.
  • Flower abscission zones begin to form within three days of flower opening thus already setting the stage for the upcoming flower fall.
  • Flower fall (abscission) generally occurs three days after flowering (anthesis) which is at flower (perianth) closure.
  • Harvest when flowers are 50% open.