Mokara Orchids: Captivating Elegance for Every Moment

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Mokara Orchid – X Mokara spp.

Common Name: Mokara Orchid

Botanical Name: X Mokara spp., mo-KAR-a

Decorative Life: 14 plus days.

Flower Color: , , , , ,


Indulge in the allure of Mokara Orchids, where nature’s sophistication unfolds in every petal. Admired for their enchanting beauty, Mokara Orchids stand as a symbol of refinement and grace, making them the perfect choice for elevating any moment.

Eternal Elegance

Mokara Orchids, with their graceful hues and intricate blossoms, bring an air of sophistication to any setting. Their timeless allure makes them a versatile expression of emotions—from admiration to celebration. These blooms embody the enduring elegance found within the tapestry of nature.

Offering an exquisite palette of colors and graceful forms, Mokara Orchids provide versatility that complements any floral arrangement. Whether enhancing a centerpiece or gracing a bouquet, these blooms effortlessly enhance the ambiance, establishing themselves as a favorite among flower connoisseurs.

Calyx Flowers: Artistry in Every Petal

At Calyx Flowers, we speak the language of flowers. Mokara Orchids hold a cherished place in our carefully curated collection. Each arrangement is a masterpiece, meticulously crafted to bring you the freshest and most enchanting Mokara Orchids, enhancing the magic of your special moments.

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FAQ About Mokara Orchids

Q: How do you take care of a Mokara Orchid?

A: Caring for Mokara Orchids is a delightful experience. Place them in a bright, indirect location with well-draining soil. Be sure to water the soil consistently to keep it lightly moist (these orchids enjoy humidity). 

Q: What is the significance of Mokara Orchids in floral arrangements?

A: Mokara Orchids symbolize refinement and beauty, making them a perfect choice for expressing admiration, gratitude, and celebration in floral arrangements. Their timeless elegance adds sophistication to weddings, birthdays, and other special occasions.

Q: How long do Mokara Orchids last in a bouquet?

A: With proper care, Mokara Orchids can grace your bouquet for two to four weeks. Regular water changes and trimming the stems can extend their freshness, allowing you to savor their captivating beauty for an extended period.