Millet – Sorghum spp.

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Millet – Sorghum spp.

Common Name: Millet

Botanical Name: Sorghum spp., SOR-gum

Decorative Life: Weeks, months to years as dried specimens.

Flower Color:

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Family Roots:
  • Members of the Poaceae or Gramineae (grass family).
  • Native to Africa.
  • Common relatives include bamboo, ryegrass, wheat and rice.
  • Upright plant with thick stalks and large, grass-like leaves.
  • Seed head at end of stalk, somewhat resembling a bushy, seedy cattail.
  • Plant is an annual grass, classed as a monocotyledon.
Storage Specifics:

Any temperature as dried. As fresh sorghum this species is chill sensitive and therefore should be stored at about 55F.

  • Three types of sorghum are grown: grain, forage and sweetener, and for manufacture of brushes (broomcorn).
  • Very complex genus as most are considered to be polymorphic (having many forms).
  • Pick before the plant heads are dried but are well-developed. They dry nicely and are a pretty color. Good for adding height to arrangements.