Grape Ivy – Cissus rhombifolia and C. spp.

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Grape Ivy – Cissus rhombifolia and C. spp.

Common Name: Grape Ivy, Venezuela Treebine

Botanical Name: Cissus rhombifolia and C. spp., SIS-us rom-bi-FOL-li-a

Decorative Life: Many months to years.


Harvest Instructions:

Is tolerant of high chlorine levels in water and/or growing media. The recommended light level during production that results in light acclimatized plants is 1500-2500 ft-c.

  • Cis-sus is Greek for ivy. The specific epithet name “rhombifolia” refers to the leaf shape.
  • A commonly grown cousin is C. antarctica or kangaroo vine.
  • ‘Ellen Danica’ has oak-shaped leaves while ‘Mandaiana’ and ‘Mandaiana Compacta’ have progressively more compact growth habits.
  • Light compensation point was estimated to be lower than 500 ft-c. but no precise number was presented. This finding is an indication that this species should do well under most interior light intensity levels.