Grape Hyacinth – Muscari armeniacum, M. botryoides

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Grape Hyacinth – Muscari armeniacum, M. botryoides

Common Name: Grape Hyacinth

Botanical Name: Muscari armeniacum, M. botryoides, mus-KAH-ree ar-MEN-ee-ah-kum

Decorative Life: Depends on cultivar and especially on temperature. For example, 'Harmony' lasted 5 days when held at 79F and 10 days at 64F. Most should last 2-3 weeks if sold at the first sign of flower color and held in cool environments.

Flower Color: , ,


Harvest Instructions:

Harvest at first sign of floret color.

Family Roots:
  • As a member of the Liliaceae (lily family), common relatives include hyacinth, lily, tulip, asparagus and daylily.
  • Native mostly to SE Europe.
  • Tiny, tubular flowers densely clustered in spikes at stem ends.
  • Stems leafless (scapes), fleshy, up to 6 inches long.
  • Plant is a herbaceous perennial from a bulb; classed as a monocotyledon, leaves mostly parallel veined.
  • Flower fragrance is sweet and intense.
  • Muscari is from the Turkish name for the plant, “armeniacum” means of Armenia, “botryoides” means like a bunch of grapes.
  • With over 3000 species, the lily family includes many medicinal and food species in addition to ornamental species.