Godetia – Clarkia amoena

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Godetia – Clarkia amoena

Common Name: Godetia, Satin Flower, Farewell-to-Spring

Botanical Name: Clarkia amoena, KLARK-ee-a a-MEEN-a

Decorative Life: About 10-14 days.

Flower Color: ,

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Storage Specifics:

Some researchers state that this species is chill sensitive and therefore should not be stored at 33-38F whereas others state that overnight storage at this temperature range worked fine.

  • Scientific name in honor of Captain William Clark (1770-1838) of the Lewis and Clark expedition. The specific epithet name “amoena” means charming or pleasing.
  • Single and double flower forms available.
Recent Research Findings:

The antioxidant morin was shown to delay leaf and flower senescence when used as a postharvest dip or spray (Meir et al. 1994).