Christmas Cactus – Schlumbergera x buckleyi and S. truncatus

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Christmas Cactus – Schlumbergera x buckleyi and S. truncatus

Common Name: Christmas Cactus, Thanksgiving Cactus, Zygocactus

Botanical Name: Schlumbergera x buckleyi and S. truncatus, shlum-BER-ger-uh

Decorative Life: At least 3-5 weeks of good flowering, depending on interior environment. However, each flower may last only 5-8 days.

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  • Most are classified as “epiphytes” or air plants as they grow on other plants and elevated supports. They are not parasites but obtain water and nutrients through a spongy covering of their roots.
  • S. bridgesii is a name often used but misapplied for S. x buckleyi. Old genus name of Zygocactus is often used now as a common name.
  • Can withstand major abuse in the home or workplace but generally stays alive and flowers yearly.
  • Will generally do well in light levels at least bright enough to read a newspaper in comfort but more light would be better.
  • Individual flowers of Easter Cactus (Hatiora X graeseri) cultivars generally last about twice as long as Christmas Cactus cultivars.