Brake Fern – Pteris spp.

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Brake Fern – Pteris spp.

Common Name: Brake Fern, Table or Dish Fern

Botanical Name: Pteris spp., TE-ris or TER-is

Decorative Life: Years.


Family Roots:
  • Member of the Pteridaceae (fern family).
  • Origin depends on species but includes Japan, China and Malaysia.
  • Relatives are the many ferns including maidenhair, Staghorn, spleenwort, holly and sword.
  • Fronds (fern leaves) are feather-like, with many ribbon-like divisions.
  • Pteris: Greek meaning wing, a term applied to ferns because of their feathery or wing-like character.
  • Members of this family do not produce flowers as they reproduce by spores. Spores are contained in sori or “fruit dots” and appear as dark spots on the lower surface of mature leaves called fronds.
  • As with all true ferns, runners can be formed that can be left to grow or cut off. If they come in contact with moist soil, they can root and develop into another plant.
  • Will generally grow well in light levels bright enough to read a newspaper in comfort.