Bluebeard – Caryopteris X clandonensis

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Bluebeard – Caryopteris X clandonensis

Common Name: Blue Mist, Bluebeard

Botanical Name: Caryopteris X clandonensis, kar-i-OP-ter-is X clan-do-NEN-sis

Flower Color:


  • From the Greek “karyon” meaning nut and “pteron”, meaning wing; in reference to the winged fruit.
  • Cultivars ‘Azure’ and ‘Heavenly Blue’ have deep blue flowers, ‘Dark Knight’ and ‘Longwood Blue’ have deep blue flowers and silvery foliage, ‘Worcester Gold’ has yellow leaves, blue flowers.
Personal Experience:

I have grown Caryopteris in Wisconsin for years. The plant has a woody stem and compact form to 3′. We use the flowering twig as a cut flower. It has a very pleasant scent and the blue flowers are very long lasting, great vase life. The harvest comes in early to mid September and the whole plant is pruned back to aprox. 8″-12″. You will notice allot of undeveloped lateral meristem buds and pruning is done leaving plenty of buds on the plant for next seasons production. The plant is vigorous in our Zone 4 but requires replanting every few years. Enjoy ! (Jon Felly)