Are you ready to make a beautiful party arrangement?

We know, parties and social engagements have a way of sneaking up on you no matter how much you’ve planned out in advance. Not to worry. At Calyx Flowers we’ve designed the super simple but quite elegant Rose Bowl. With it, you can still come off looking like a true floral fashionista.

In our latest catalog we put the Rose Bowl right to good use in our Parisian Rose Bowl design. Here you have a bouquet of twelve luxury roses to arrange which will only take a matter of minutes. Trim the roses and voila…you’ve just created an impressive display of flowers. And what’s even better is that we’ve included a beautiful Parisian candle that burns with a delightful peach and cassis fragrance. You can light the candle right in the center of the rose bowl if you’re entertaining for the evening and would like a little ambiance. Or, if you like you could work the design into your food display by filling the center with your favorite candies or finger foods. Guests are sure to be intrigued by such an unusual display.

To show you how easy the Rose Bowl is to use we’ve created this visual step-by-step guide. We just know you’ll love your Rose Bowl just like we do.

Easy to Use Rose Bowl
Easy to Use Rose Bowl

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