Sweet Sultan

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Sweet Sultan
Common Name: Sweet Sultan
Botanical Name: Amberboa moschata (Centaurea moschata) (am-ber-BO-a mos-KA-ta)
Decorative Life:
Harvest Instructions: Harvest when flowers are just beginning to open.
Family Roots:
  • Member of the Compositae (aster family).
  • Native to Southwest Asia.
  • Common family relatives include sunflower, aster, zinnia, ageratum, chrysanthemum and lettuce.
  • Stems to nearly 30 inches, leaves basal, lobed.
  • Flowers fragrant.
Availability: Highest availability from spring to summer.
Flower Color: Mostly pink but some white to blue.
  • This species is possibly better known as Centaurea moschata, well known and loved in cottage gardens for its sweet fragrant flowers.
  • Flowers are suitable for drying in borax which reportedly preserves the flower color better than air drying.
  • Colors range from pure white ('The Bride') to the mixed colors ranging from white through yellows and pinks ('Imperialis').