Goldfish Plant

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Goldfish Plant
Common Name: Goldfish Plant
Botanical Name: Columnea microphylla (co-LUM-ne-a mi-kro-FIL-a)
Decorative Life: As a foliage plant, months to years.
Post Harvest Care:
  • Water and fertilize less after flowering for a few months in the winter to encourage subsequent growth and flowering.
Family Roots:
  • Is a member of the Gesneriaceae (gesneria family) with common relatives such as cape-primrose, African violet, Episcia, Achimenes and gloxinia.
  • Native to Costa Rica.
  • Stems falling, covered with soft, rusty colored hairs. Leaves small, up to 0.5 inche, in pairs. Flowers solitary, to 3 inches, often red, white, sometimes with yellow blotches. However, more grown for its foliage.
Availability: Year-round.
Flower Color: Mostly red, white, sometimes with yellow blotches.
Storage Specifics: Most likely chill sensitive, hold at 55F or above.
  • Named for Fabio Colonna, 1567-1640, author of the first botanical book with copperplate illustrations.
  • Because of its growth habit, best grown in a hanging basket type setting.
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