Drummond Phlox

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Drummond Phlox
Common Name: Annual Phlox, Drummond Phlox
Botanical Name: Phlox drummondii (floks drum-MON-die)
Decorative Life: 2-4 plus weeks depending on environment.
Family Roots:
  • Member of the Polemoniaceae (phlox family).
  • Native to Texas.
  • Related to creeping and other phlox types/species, Gilia, Ipomopsis and Navarettia.
  • Species is classed as a dicotyledon, leaves not parallel veined.
  • Flowers up to an inch across, tubular with petals flared and flattened, in dense clusters at stem ends.
  • Plant is an annual with erect leafy stems.
  • Flowers are not fragrant.
Availability: Year-round.
Flower Color: Purple, lavender, salmon, red, white, often with a contrasting eye.
  • Phlox: Greek meaning flame, originally applied to the species Lychnis.
  • The American Academy of Allergy, Asthma and Immunology list this species as an allergy-safe pollen producing plant.
  • One favorite cultivar is '21st Century Magenta' with multiple flower colors. Will generally do well in light levels at least bright enough to read a newspaper in comfort but more light would be better.