Cardinal Flower

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Cardinal Flower
Common Name: Cardinal Flower, Indian Pink
Botanical Name: Lobelia cardinalis (lo-BEE-li-a or the more common lo-BEEL-ya kar-di-NA-lis)
Decorative Life: From 8-16 days.
Post Harvest Care:
  • Recut stems under water and place in a flower food solution.
  • More flowers per spike open when treated with STS and presumably MCP, although no MCP data has been located to date.
Family Roots:
  • Was formally in its own family (Lobeliaceae) but now has been reclassified as a member of the Campanulaceae (bellflower family). Common relatives besides bellflower include ballon-flower and throatwort.
  • Native to North America.
  • Considered a short-lived perennial. Grows to about 3 feet, stems often tinted purple bronze, with spike flowers.
Flower Color: Mostly bright scarlet with white ('Alba') and pink ('Rosa') forms.
Storage Specifics: Based on its origin and relatives, it can be assumed that it should store well in the 35F area. However, research results to confirm this have not yet been located.
  • The genus Lobelia includes a very diverse range of plants from trees to herbaceous perennials to small annuals.
Recent Findings: Using 'Compliment Scarlet', Gast (1997) showed that vaselife ranged from 8-14 days with water only being the least and flower food + STS or flower food being the best.