African Corn Lily

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African Corn Lily
Common Name: African Corn Lily, Corn Lily, Ixia
Botanical Name: Ixia spp. (IK-see-a)
Decorative Life: 7-10 days.
Post Harvest Care:
  • Remove bottom leaves if present, recut stems under water and place into a fresh flower food solution.
Family Roots:
  • Member of the Iridaceae (iris family).
  • Native to South Africa.
  • Common relatives include crocus, freesia, gladiolus and Watsonia.
  • Flowers are star-shaped, 1-2 inches wide, with six petals surrounding a dark center, in clusters of 4-6 at the stem ends.
  • Stems up to about 18 inches long, leafless and wiry.
  • Plant is a herbaceous perennial from a corm, classed as a monocotyledon, leaves mostly parallel veined..
  • Flowers are not fragrant.
Availability: Spring and early summer.
Flower Color: White, pink, purple, red, orange, often with contrasting centers.
Storage Specifics: 32-34F up to 3 days dry.
  • From the Greek "ixia" (bird lime), referring to the plant's sticky sap.