The Year of Tropicals


Our exotic tropical bouquets….

  • NEW exotic bouquets
  • Great for men & women
  • Varieties from around the world
  • Delivered the third week of each month.
  • Available in two sizes. You may also select 3, 6 or 12-month programs.
  • Our exotic tropical bouquets are plucked from the dewy forests of Thailand, the sun-kissed fields of California, the untamed Australian outback, the heaven we call Hawaii. Each gathering delivers a tropical vacation to be savored for many days. Imagine an icy morning warmed by fragrant red ginger. The dog days of summer sparked with vibrant anthuriums. In short, imagine a year in paradise.

    • Our standard Year of Tropicals features 5 to 15-stem bouquets.
    • Our Ultimate Year of Tropicals features DOUBLE the stems.

    giftcardIf you include a personalized message, your recipient will receive a special announcement card before their first shipment.

    Fill a vase with warm water and add food as directed. Trim flowers underwater with a diagonal cut of 1″ or more from each stem. Place the stems in a vase and keep them in a cool spot, out of direct sunlight and away from drafts.

    12 Months4K1K00285 $859.00
    6 Months of Tropicals 4K1K00282 $419.00
    3 Months4K1K00281 $239.00

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