4K0K02914_sub3_350x390Tropical Palm Bouquet with signature glass vaseTropical Palm Bouquet shown to scale

Tropical Palm Bouquet


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A bouquet aglow with tropical beauties is a grand way to warm someone’s heart and home. Suitable for simply every occasion, this surprise from warmer climes includes orange parakeets, red ginger, heliconia, and pincushion all set against a lush backdrop of Phoenix palms and red Ti and mostera leaves. Our substantial jungle vase completes the scene with its raised palm frond motif.

  • Stem length: 14″-24″
  • Stem count: 14
  • Vase: ceramic, 7½” high
  • Also available in our signature glass vase
  • Did you know we offer a Year of Tropicals gift program in 3, 6, and 12-month installments?

Remove bottom leaves if present, re-cut stems under water and place into a fresh flower food solution. We suggest arranging them in a traditional manner, cutting stems to different lengths and letting them fall the way best suited to the flowers. Always add fresh water daily, as it will lengthen their vase life. Change water, clean container and re-cut stems every other day.