TrioStar Stromanthe Plant


Debut Design – Be among the select few to share in this premiere design.

Stromanthe is a strikingly beautiful houseplant that never fails to catch the eye. It has an exotic look with its dark green leaves that are delightfully variegated with streaks of pink and cream. As if that’s not enough, the backsides of the leaves are a lovely shade of pinkish-purple.  For a Holiday touch we’ve selected to display it in our white cachepot ladened with gold trees.

  • Plant height: 18” – 20”
  • Cachepot: Ceramic, 5 ½” high
  • Also available in our woven basket

Display your Stromanthe plant with bright, indirect light to allow maximum coloring of leaves. Allow top inch to dry out before watering. Turn the plant once a week to ensure even growth, as they grow towards the light source.


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