The Stella Flower


A Step Into the Future

When thinking of resilience, we often picture a person, and their strength to face each day despite everything they’ve gone through. When thinking of sustainability, the first thing that comes to mind is probably separating our residues and creating useful things from non-recyclable items. As these two features don’t seem to have much in common, it’s not everywhere we can find them together.

After years of being a hidden gem, the Stella flowers are finally starting to receive the recognition they deserve; their properties and proper preservation allow them to maintain their shape even after death. Time passes, and colour fades, but the Stella flowers remain.
As of today, it’s very useful to know a type of plant can be beautiful, good for the environment, and everlasting. This all makes the Stella’s the perfect candidate to work as lovely decorations for every occasion, while being, not only harmless to the environment but also beneficial.

  • Available in bunches of 50 or 100
  • Stem length: 20″ – 24″
  • Thursday delivery is recommended for Saturday events
  • A 3 – 5 day lead time is necessary to place this order

Cut at a 45-degree angle. Give your flowers fresh water and refresh every 1-2 days. Display as you please starting with the greens/foliage first if your bouquet contains them and do not allow any foliage to be underwater. Remember, it is your masterpiece, have fun!


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