Smiling Hibiscus Orange Plant


Our radiant tropical hibiscus plant blooming with large, silky petals in a vibrant shade of sunshine yellow (shown), the hibiscus shows off just why it’s said to symbolize delicate beauty. The 14″-18″ plant arrives ready to bloom so your recipient can watch as the bright and cheery buds unfurl into big, beautiful flowers. Our sage green cachepot adds a touch of casual elegance.

  • Plant height: 14″ – 18″
  • Cachepot:  hand-painted metal, 6 1/2″ high
  • Also available in our woven basket
  • Available in orange & yellow

Place the plant where it will receive moderate light. Hibiscus does not like direct sunlight.  Keep the soil evenly moist, but do not have sitting water in or around the plant. These plants like humidity between 40 – 50%. You may move your hibiscus outdoors in the warmer months.



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