Pink Sorbonne Lilies


Loved for their delectable and large, lively flowers, Sorbonne lilies are a sensational choice for anniversary, birthday, or just because. This generous bouquet of 10 multi-blossomed stems creates a passionate display in the prettiest of pink – the blooms’ star-shaped, pale pink petals with dark pink centers finished in a thin white ruffle. Our white hobnail vase makes an ideal showcase.  Shipped in bud and bloom.

  • Stem length:15″ – 17″
  • Stem count: 10
  • Vase: glass, 8″ high
  • Also available in our signature glass vase


CUT ALL STEMS TO FIT YOUR VASE. SOME STEMS REQUIRE MORE TRIMMING THAN OTHERS. Remove all foliage that will fall below the water line. Lilies will take their time to unfurl. To open faster place in partial sunlight. Remove any waterlogged yellow leaves. Change water and recut stems every other day. As they open, you may gently pull off the pollen anthers to avoid pollen dust. We leave the smaller buds on the lily stalk, they are decorative most time will remain closed. Be careful not to get lily pollen on your clothing or linens. You may wish to place a protective mat under your bouquet to prevent pollen from falling on your furniture or carpet if you do not remove the anthers.


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